Postdoctoral research training mostly focuses on specific research projects within a research group. In addition to focused research training, development of independent research study designing, fellowship grant developments, and other professional development opportunities, WUPC offers unique training opportunities to this group of scientists to foster their development as future leaders in pain research and translational therapeutic developments.

  • Postdoctoral scholars and fellows present and actively participate in the “Pain Journal Club,” a gathering of basic, translational and clinical researchers and residents and fellows in the pain clinic to discuss recent research findings in pain. This discussion session is conducted every Thursday during the academic year.
  • A clinical shadowing program is also offered to our postdoctoral scholars and fellows in the basic and translational pain research laboratories. In this program, the trainees shadow pain physicians in our pain clinic and attend clinical pain management seminars, journal clubs, and discussion sessions on specific pain syndromes/types in human patients. This program aims to educate and stimulate the scientific thought process of these trainees on human pain conditions. Ultimately, this program would strengthen and stimulate postdoctoral scholars to design their basic and translational pain research that is highly relevant to specific human conditions.
  • We offer a similar shadowing program in basic and translational research for postdoctoral scholars and fellows in clinical pain research laboratories. In this program, the trainees can spend short-term training durations in basic and translational research laboratories to strengthen their understanding of the science underlying specific human pain conditions, which they investigate in a clinic setup.

For postdoctoral training opportunities in the WUPC please visit the research section of this website, and the individual research groups/investigators pages to know details of specific pain research projects that are currently being conducted in our center. Please communicate with the group leaders and/or lead investigators directly to express/discuss your specific research interests in pain.