The Team Approach to Pain Management

Chronic pain is a complicated problem that requires a team approach to treatment. The Washington University pain management specialists will help you learn how to manage your pain more effectively and improve your ability to be active and function optimally in your daily activities. Our program is designed to provide you with the tools and techniques to help improve your quality of life.

Learn about the multitude of therapies that can be involved in a multidisciplinary approach when addressing chronic pain:

If you have chronic pain it may be affecting:

  • Your ability to be active. Pain can affect your ability to perform daily tasks and activities you used to enjoy.
  • Your relationships. Other people often have a hard time understanding chronic pain and what it does to your life.
  • Your ability to work. If you can no longer work, you may experience a change in the financial well-being of your family.
  • Your feelings. Many people with chronic pain also experience frustration, anger, anxiety and depression.
  • Your self-esteem. When chronic pain affects your ability to work, to be active and to have normal relationships, your sense of who you are as a person can also change dramatically.

Contact Information and Clinic Locations

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