The Department of Anesthesiology and Division of Pain Management is pleased to offer a pain management elective for Phase 3 medical students interested in learning about chronic and acute pain management. The elective is a 4-week rotation with weekly rotations with our acute pain service, chronic pain service, outpatient pain psychologist, and physical therapy program.

During the course of their week-long experience with the acute pain service, students will actively engage in the comprehensive management of perioperative pain patients. Throughout their time with the chronic outpatient pain management service, students will have the opportunity to witness and participate in a collaborative approach to managing chronic pain. This includes gaining exposure to various forms of intervention, as well as exploring the realm of pharmacological pain management. By spending a week with the pain management psychologist, students will acquire valuable knowledge regarding behavioral modification techniques that are utilized to effectively address chronic pain. Furthermore, students will have the chance to actively participate in outpatient group therapy sessions and visit the physical therapy facility, where they will gain insights into the process of rehabilitation for individuals suffering from chronic pain.

For further inquiries or to enroll in the elective, please contact Folasade Oladapo, MD, at or the Washington University registrar’s office at