Robert Swarm, MD

Swarm is working with Dr. Bottros on a clinical study involving the use of Epidural Analgesia in Pancreatic Resections. This project is evaluating the clinical outcomes, such as post-surgical pain control and anesthesia associated nausea and vomiting, associated with epidural anesthesia in patients undergoing pancreatectomies.

Swarm is working with Dr. Simon Haroutounian on predicting individual response to analgesic treatment in painful diabetic neuropathy. This study is examining whether sensory testing to determine mechanical pain threshold [MPT] or heat pain threshold [HPT] will predict the subject’s response to IV lidocaine analgesic therapy.

In addition, Swarm is working with Haroutounian on S-TOPS guided Interdisciplinary Management of Pain for Patient Outcomes Improvement (SIMPO): pilot phase. This study is to investigate whether the use of S-TOPS (treatment outcomes in pain survey – short form) to guide the interdisciplinary program in chronic pain results in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction compared to clinician-guided interdisciplinary care (IC).