Henry Lai

Dr. Lai is a physician-scientist who works at the interface between basic/translational research and clinical studies. Lai is an associate professor of urologic surgery and is director of Neurourology Research for the Division of Urologic Surgery. Lai has a joint appointment in the Department of Anesthesiology. He specializes in treating patients with benign lower urinary tract disorders, with a clinical and basic/translational research focus on bladder disorders, including interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome, overactive bladder, and recurrent urinary tract infection. He is co-director of the NIDDK-sponsored Multidisciplinary Approach to Urologic Pelvic Pain (MAPP) grant (U01DK082315), investigating the epidemiology, clinical phenotypes, natural history, and neuroimaging of patients with interstitial cystitis and chronic prostatitis. He is also the project leader of an NIDDK-sponsored MAPP animal study, examining the molecular mechanisms that underlie pelvic pain sensitization in the central nervous system. Lai has also received support from the American Urological Association Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Pfizer. Lai also has expertise in basic research on bladder physiology, contractility, pharmacology, and bladder pain, including functional measurement of bladder pain (visceromotor response) and micturition (filling cystometry) in mice.

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