Psychological & Behavioral Therapies

As a part of our evaluation, you may speak with our psychologist, who specializes in the management of pain. This does not mean that we think your pain is imaginary or all in your head. What is does mean is that we are aware of the possible impact of chronic pain on your life. Pain that is chronic can affect everything in your life: your ability to work at your job, work around the house and yard, and activities you do for fun. 

Pain can affect your relationship with your family and friends, and pain can affect your mood.

Chronic pain is stressful. It can have you feeling tired and worn down, without your usual ability to cope with everyday events and hassles. When you are under this kind of stress, it can affect your mood – perhaps making you feel irritable or nervous. Some people feel depressed or down not only because of having to deal with pain, but also because pain and limitation can make life less rich and enjoyable. Pain, stress and irritability or nervousness can go ‘round and ‘round in a vicious cycle. Finding ways to break that cycle is a step toward more effective pain management.

One of our goals will be to develop with you, ways to both reduce and manage your pain. In this way, you will be able to be in more control of your pain rather than having it control you.

Pain Management at MoBap!
Please visit us at our newest location. Next day visits are available with a physician referral. For information on how to make an appointment call 314-996-7200