Upon Your Arrival

What to Expect Upon Your Arrival

You will meet with more than the doctor. A nurse, resident and/or fellow (a doctor getting advanced training in managing pain) may be some of the people you encounter. You may even see our pain psychologist, Dr. Beverly Field. Each of these people will work with you so that you can reach your optimal outcome.

You may want to bring a magazine to read when you come. Because pain is a very complicated condition, visits sometimes run longer than scheduled. Or, there may be a hospital patient with severe acute pain who needs immediate attention.

The first time you come, you should expect to be at the Pain Center for at least two hours. Return visits are usually no more than an hour in length.

Due to the length of your visit, please do not bring children to the Pain Management Center for your appointment.

CAM Offices have merged and moved!
The Pain Management Center moved to the 14th floor of the Center for Advanced Medicine in mid June 2013. The former offices in 2200 Steinberg (the Satellite) and on the 10th floor of the CAM are now closed. The number is unchanged: 314-362-8820. Suite 14-C.