Before You Arrive

What to Expect Before your Appointment

  •  Our office will send you a New Patient Packet in the mail prior to your visit.  You may also print the information, using the link below.  Please complete this packet before you come to the office. The doctor needs the information to help plan your care. Visiting a doctor can be a stressful time therefore; having your medical information at-hand will make the process easier.  Completing the form at home will help you make sure the doctor knows everything he needs to help you, plus, it will speed up your visit length.
  •  You may be scheduled for separate initial visits with the pain psychologist, physical therapist and doctor. These visits are not always scheduled on the same day. It is important that you come to each of these visits. If you miss one of them without 24 hours advance notice, the remaining visits will be canceled.
  •  You should expect a reminder call before your visit. With whom you are coming to visit at the Pain Management Center will determine who calls you, a nurse, a secretary, or an automated message.

Our Expectations
  • You must have a primary care doctor that we can work with. Your pain management doctor will send progress reports to your primary care physician. Once your pain treatment is complete, you will be able to return to your PCP’s care.
  • Chronic pain is usually not something that will be helped in just one or two visits. For you to learn how to manage your pain and not have it manage you, it is important to take an active role with our health care team. You will be expected to come to all your visits, even on your bad days.
  • Your pain management doctor will expect you to follow instructions on going to physical therapy, seeing our psychologist, or taking medication as prescribed. Pain affects every aspect of a person’s life. All of us working together as a team, is the most important thing we all can do to help your manage your pain.
If you are going to the Pain Management Center located at Center for Advanced Medicine,

click here for your New Patient Information

If you are going to the Pain Management Center located in West County,

click here for your New Patient Information.

Pain Management at MoBap!
Please visit us at our newest location. Next day visits are available with a physician referral. For information on how to make an appointment call 314-996-7200