Patient Education

Chronic pain affects an estimated 86 million American adults. For people living with pain, normal every day activities become impossible, often leading to loss of employment, depression, isolation and anxiety.

If you have chronic pain, you probably suffer from more than just pain. You may have to modify all areas of your life including work, friends and family.  Chronic pain can affect your whole life.

Your ability to work. Often, your financial well-being is affected. You may have fewer resources for vacations, your child's education or your retirement.

Your ability to be active. Pain can affect your involvement with sports, hobbies or playing with your children.

Your relationships. Withdrawing and going out less often with friends and even family can become a reality. You may find that others have a limited understanding of your pain and how it affects your daily life.

Your feelings. Chronic pain can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. Concerns about the future can contribute to feelings of tension and low mood.

For you to learn how to manage your pain and not have it manage you, it is important to take an active role. Learning more about pain is the first step in that direction.
Pain Management at MoBap!
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