Patient Services

Our doctors treat patients that have pain. Whether you have had pain for a long time or if has just recently started.

We approach the control of pain from a number of perspectives, in a multidisciplinary fashion. The center treats all kinds of pain, including back, neck, arm, or leg pain, arthritis, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), nerve damage, complex neurological problems, neuropathies, muscle disorders, muscular strains, some types of headaches, herniations, and pain resulting from and injuries. Our experienced, board certified specialists provide the latest, most effective techniques in the management of acute pain, chronic pain, and cancer pain.

Various treatment options. 
Injections, individual and group psychotherapy to help you adjust to the changes in your life because of the pain, physical therapy and medication recommendations.

Each person is unique, so your care plan will made especially for your pain. In most cases our patients will need to come back for a number of visits.

The Pain Management Center offers hope and a supportive environment for people suffering from debilitating pain. We strive to not only help decrease pain symptoms but also provide the tools needed to better manage the psychological and social activity issues that accompany pain.

Pain Management at MoBap!
Please visit us at our newest location. Next day visits are available with a physician referral. For information on how to make an appointment call 314-996-7200